Our mission statement is to help organisations find competitive advantage through consultation and professional development. Our services include:

Consultancy expertise

We consult in all areas of management, from the development of a corporate vision to the design and implementation of functional strategies. We can also help with change, risk, and conflict.


CPD is an essential aspect of strategic human resource management. Investing in staff keeps them up-to-date with the latest state-of-the-art, adding value to bring competitive advantage.

Basic training

These beginner courses have been especially designed to give trainees and new staff a rapid start by teaching clear communication, as well as tools to focus results and expedite output.


Hard Brexit?
Have you started contingency planning in case of a hard Brexit? How much of your supply chain is based in the EU? How many of your staff are European? Email to get started.

Free training
We are committed to providing a certain amount of free training each year to people for whom such training is expected to make a signficant and rapid difference to their employment prospects. This year we are focussing on Kaizen certification. Email for details.

Free consultation
We are committed to providing a certain amount of free consultation each year to organisations where financial constraints would normally prevent them seeking advice. Email for details.