About us

We are a small, family run consultancy firm, with more than ten years' experience. We are physically located in Greater Manchester in the UK but we work with everyone from local SMEs to large multinationals with global supply chains, assisting managers to increase value-adding processes and reduce waste, to achieve/maintain competitive advantage, and to increase market share.

Furthermore, we are borne out of academia. Our Continued Professional Development Centre and our Basic Training Centre build on decades of developing and disseminating soft skills training courses within mulitcultural industrial and academic environments.


Hard Brexit?
Have you started contingency planning in case of a hard Brexit? How much of your supply chain is based in the EU? How many of your staff are European? Email to get started.

Free training
We are committed to providing a certain amount of free training each year to people for whom such training is expected to make a signficant and rapid difference to their employment prospects. This year we are focussing on Kaizen certification. Email for details.

Free consultation
We are committed to providing a certain amount of free consultation each year to organisations where financial constraints would normally prevent them seeking advice. Email for details.